In less than a day, Microsoft is set to reveal their new Surface hardware in New York but according to Engadget, seems like some of it has been leaked by famous tech blogger and leaker, Evan Blass.

The Surface Pro 7 update sounds standard, but this being a leak, we might not have the full details on what else Microsoft might have enhanced in this latest iteration. The Surface Laptop also looks to be another standard update, but if it is really powered by a mobile AMD Ryzen processor, Microsoft’s lineup might finally shake things up quite a bit.

The biggest mover yet could be upon the shoulders of the lightest and sleekest model in Microsoft’s line-up – an update to the Surface Go. If the rumour turns out right and the Surface 7 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx, according to our hands-on experience of a prototype running on this platform



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