Local tech company PRISM+ launches Ultra-High Definition smart TVs at ultra-low prices

Singapore, 14 November, The Tech Show 2019 – Homegrown consumer tech company PRISM+ today launched its very first line of affordable DLED Ultra-High Definition (UHD) smart televisions (TVs) – the E-series TV range – at The Tech Show 2019. Consumers can now get their hands on a premium 55” UHD smart television at just S$599, which is almost half the current market price for televisions within the same range.

Starting from the 43” range onwards, the PRISM+ TVs come with industry-standard features including built-in 4K Netflix app, High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels and bezel-less screens. With the E-series range, PRISM+ aims to cater to the increasing number of consumers who want to get a UHD viewing experience but are reluctant to spend a premium sum on UHD TVs.

Jon Ng, Head of Sales and Operations, PRISM+ said, “There’s an increasing number of consumers who want to get a 4K or UHD viewing experience but are not willing to splurge on TVs. As the availability of UHD TVs have increased dramatically, we can now offer UHD TVs with industry-standard technology at a lower price point in order to cater to these consumers and more.”

Industry-standard features
  • Built-in 4K Netflix app: PRISM+’s TVs have been officially approved by Netflix to provide consumers with quality viewing experience. With the built-in 4K Netflix app in the TV, consumers can now simply press the dedicated Netflix button on the remote and watch their favourite shows in UHD.
  • IPS Panels: IPS panels, a type of LED display panel technology, are used in PRISM+’s TVs to reproduce pictures in a more accurate colour while providing better viewing angles.
  • HDR: PRISM+’s TVs are able to put out up to 400 nits of brightness with its HDR feature. This enables the supported graphics format to look more natural and real by providing more details in the shadows and highlights, richer colours and delicate gradations.
  • Bezel-less screens: The PRISM+ TVs also come with a sleek bezel-less screen, which are more commonly found on high-end TVs, to offer an immersive viewing experience by maximizing the screen estate of the TV.
Pricing & Availability

PRISM+’s Smart TV range is currently available in three sizes, 32”, 43” and 55”. A 65” version will be made available in the future.

PRISM+’s E-series TV range will be exclusively available at www.prismplus.sg/tvs in December 2019. Pre-orders will be open at the PRISM+ booth (8701) at the Tech Show 2019 from 14 November to 17 November 2019.

For more information about the UHD TVs, please visit www.prismplus.sg. To download the images of the new UHD TVs, please visit https://we.tl/t-K6mLihMHRI.

E32 (32”) E43 (43”) E55 (55”)
Price S$239 S$459 S$599
Resolution HD UHD UHD
Smart TV Yes Yes Yes
Digital TV Yes Yes Yes
Bezel-less Yes Yes Yes
4K Netflix No Yes Yes
HDR No Yes Yes
Dolby Audio Yes Yes Yes
IPS Panel Yes Yes Yes
Display Colours 16.7m 1.07b 1.07b
Display Brightness 240 cd/m2 260 cd/m2 400 cd/m2
Warranty 3 years
About PRISM+

Founded in 2017, PRISM+ is a rapidly growing display technology brand which offers top-notch gaming monitors at best-value prices in Singapore. As display specialists, PRISM+ is expanding its expertise into the TV market- where they seek to make high-end premium Smart TV features affordable to the masses.

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