On Nov 11, PRISM+ releases their comprehensive range of 4K Digital Smart TVs in support of the nation’s movement of going fully digital TVs and 4K resolution becoming an industrial standard.

Looking to bring high-end Smart TV features to Singaporean masses,
these TVs pack capabilities like 4K resolution with HDR, 1.07 billion colours, Zero Bezel design, 4K Netflix & Youtube App, yet retail for significantly lesser than its comparable, up to 50% lower.

Here’s what we know about the TVs:

4K Resolution with HDR

The Prism+ TV Series are all in 4K UHD Resolution (apart from 32”) and supports HDR format. HDCP 2.2 is also supported and that means any content – from BluRay discs, console titles or external devices will be displayed to its fullest 4K format.

In-Built 4K Netflix & Youtube App

Netflix and Youtube are readily available, with specific designated keys on the remote for easy One-Click access. The Prism+ TV series’ Netflix is officially licensed to stream 4K Ultra HD content.

Zero-Bezel Design

Found typically in exorbitant OLED models, the thin bezel is a leading market form-factor which maximises the screen estate and complements the overall modernistic aesthetic.

IPS Panel Technology

The TVs utilize IPS Panel technology, meaning that colours produced are more vibrant and accurate. Ideal to display action/fantasy films with lots of visual effects.


With such premium features offered at such incredibly value prices, PRISM+ TV Series is truly a game-changer that makes 4K Smart TVs an affordable norm for every Singaporean. 

*Do note that 32” comes in HD resolution

PRISM+ will be showcasing their TVs on 14th November, the Tech Show at Suntec City, Level 4. Alternatively, they are also up on their website for pre-orders.

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