Samsung Digital Door Lock

Year 2019 marks the arrival of the newest Wifi IOT door lock, SHP-DP609. Its’ predecessor SHP-DR708 was the first Samsung Wifi IOT lock known to the market. Ever since SHP-DR708 was released, it had received overwhelming responses from consumers for its’ versatile functions which include tracking of door access, NFC access, remote issuance of temporary password and management of users, double-locking via app, and notification of unauthorized entry attempts. SHP-DP609 complements that with its’ RFID card access (100 passwords/cards) and additional Smart Home integration.

SHP-DP609 is by far the only Samsung digital door lock that can connect either to a Smart Home hub or directly to the Wifi router (IOT Smart Door Lock app), giving it flexible remote access. SHP-DP609 fingerprint sensor like SHP-DR708, can register up to 100 fingerprints and the user’s finger(s) can be captured in different angles during registration. In addition, Samsung has come up with a new innovative external charging method which replaces the usual emergency 9V battery terminal with a hidden USB port. The USB port is a more stable energy source and hassle-free as the user need not hold the 9V battery to the terminal in the correct position to charge the lock’s front panel. Furthermore, the USB port is less prone to wear and tear (eg rust/corrosion) due to environmental factors.

The SHP-DP609 sports the push-pull mechanism which is sleek, reliable and convenient for everyday use. Its’ coated plastic finishing maintains the lock’s aesthetics and durability over time. Doubled with its’ vast and close-to-perfect Wifi connection, it is the definition of futuristic cutting edge Smart door lock.

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