The latest i9-9900KS and ‘SUPER’ graphic gaming rigs @ BOOTH 8645 & 8660

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phones have always pushed the envelope in terms of design. The first Mi Mix was stunning, with super slim bezels on three sides, quite a feat at the time. Similarly, the Mi Mix 3 went with a sliding camera mechanism to achieve a front that was nearly 100 per cent screen. 

Having said that, it’s taking things up several notches this year with the Mi Mix Alpha, which is, well, almost entirely composed of screen. The Mi Mix Alpha has a “surround display” that wraps around the entirety of the device. The only places that aren’t displays are the top and bottom edges of the phone. 

Accidental touch inputs are clearly a concern, but Xiaomi says it has a working palm rejection system in place to deal with that. 

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