True Wireless Soundbar with Subwoofer @ BOOTH 8645 & 8660

Adding on to SonicGear’s arsenal of Soundbars is the BT5500 True Wireless Soundbar with Subwoofer.

SonicGear’s Soundbar BT5500 was only available for pre-order during COMEX2019 in quiet soft launch. The demo showcased during COMEX was a proto type, that achieved the basic functions of a true wireless soundbar, but what consumers didn’t realize when they made their pre-orders was that the BT5500 they heard had not yet passed SonicGear Lab’s standards for audio.

The final product with a larger subwoofer (from 5” to 5.25”) and almost twice the power (from 50RMS to 80RMS), will be featured during The Tech Show and stocks will be available for cash-and-carry.

Say goodbye to clumsy wiring and TV-audio. And hello to a clean, minimalist household with amazing theatresque audio with twice the power but at half the price. Yes you read that right. The SonicBar BT5500 will be available at a launch special of $99 (MSRP $199) at The Tech Show, whilst stocks last.

But as always, SonicGear encourages everyone to ‘Trust Your Ears’ after all… ‘seeing’ is believing.

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